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Gel or Acrylic Nail Extensions £42

Gel or Acrylic Infills £38

Shellac Full Manicure £25

French Manicure £25

Plain Manicure £20

File and Polish £15 (no cutucle work)

Nail repairs for extensions £3.80 per nail

 Shellac..................Are you tired of chipping, flaking or smudging nail polishes? Are your nails weak and bendy?

....Meet SHELLAC!







A SHELLAC MANICURE is a gel overlay which can be painted onto your finger or toe nails like a polish. SHELLAC doesn't chip, flake or peel like a normal polish and can last upto 3 weeks, maintaining a high gloss shine. SHELLAC is ideal for strengthening weak nails and enabling them to grow. It does not damaged the natural nail. SHELLAC can be removed in-salon by a professional in under 10 minutes.







 A SHELLAC MANICURE includes nail shaping & filing, cuticle work, nail prep and tidy and the SHELLAC application.


Gel or Acrylic Nail Extensions

French Style Nail Extensions

















£42 full set, unless on special offer - these appear on our Facebook page weekly.


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